Sod Installation

Sod Installation

Are you looking for someone to do the job and get your lawn looking green and healthy?

Are you looking for someone to do the job and get your lawn looking green and healthy?

Dry lawns may lead to soil erosion. It will likely result into presence of dust all over your place, or lead to development of allergens and useless weeds. The impossibility of these weeds to be taken off at your lawn once it creeps out from it could increase as time passes. Destruction of your lawn may include drought, and unwanted insects. Sod installation can become very effective in increasing the cooling environment of your place. It is also best in improving air and water quality to assure balance on its system. In addition, it is also proven to be of help in assisting flood prevention to drain the floodwater and to avoid soil erosion.

Sod installation is the top most solution whenever you want to have a beautiful lawn as quickly as possible, or if you need a new one when your lawn is so damaged and it is so hard to start over. This will also increase the health and value of your property as well as its overall appeal. At Medina’s Landscaping, we guarantee that our sod installation will make your area look absolutely stunning. An instant thick green, weed-free, and healthy grass lawn is what you are going to expect as an upshot of our service. It is the fastest and most economical way than the traditional method of seeding your lawn. It will minimize your time, money, and effort.

Sod installation at your property is a quick and economical way to add turf to a new landscape project or to fix the existing turf in problem areas.

Laying new sod instead of the traditional method of seeding your lawn will give you instant results using less water and leave you with an instant green, thick, healthy, weed-free lawn.

But installing sod correctly in order to create a stunning lawn is both an art and a science. Correct installation requires using a staggered hatch pattern.

Grading and a layer of quality top soil are necessary as a base before the sod is laid. Edges need to be taken down an inch to allow the new sod to be level with all patio and driveway stone edges. After installation your sod needs to be rolled and watered to encourage roots to take with the new environment.

As you can see, you want it laid by experienced professionals, like us.

We offer:

We have all the necessary equipment and professional technicians who can professionally do the job. We are aware of the science and art involved in sod installation and the special needs to have appropriate techniques. Experts are the most equipped persons to do sod installations since it is not an easy task to do. Using staggered hatch pattern is the correct method of installing sod. There should be a necessary base before the sod is laid so much so that grading and putting a layer of a quality top soil and edges is a need to be taken. This must be properly made to allow the new sod be leveled on the area.

Our sods are made from high quality materials. We give importance to timing on our sod installation to prevent the area from drying out immediately. These sods can be taken fresh from the farm, delivered to your property and installed at the same day.

We guarantee that our sod installation services will satisfy our customers. There is no limitation upon our sod installation from small lawns up to huge garden areas. With us it is possible for you to have a lawn full of healthy grasses. We can also repair any damage you find in your area and we guarantee you that we can finish the job in no time! We are committed in giving your garden the best appearance and condition there is.

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