Garden Care


Any garden problem? Let our expert gardeners do the job for you. We provide full-service garden care at a very affordable price. We can supply regular home garden maintenance as well as one-off work for any home or business. Nothing is more perfect than a beautiful and well-maintained garden at your home or any establishment. Gardens usually attract people with its overall feel and it also increases the value of your property.

We provide all the necessary garden care services for you. This includes garden spraying, weed spraying, insect control, landscaping, irrigation system installation and repairs, drought tolerant gardens, trimming and hedging, mulching, lawn restoration and repair, and general garden cleanup. We have the best gardeners and technicians who have proper instruments to do the job.

Our lawn and garden services include all aspects of gardening such as:

  • Turf Maintenance
  • Organic Fertilization for Your Turf
  • Aeration
  • Grass Seeding
  • Spring Cleanup
  • Cultivation & Weeding
  • Fertilization & Pest Control for Your Garden
  • Fall Cleanup
  • Leaves Service

We also cater services for trees and shrubs such as:

  • Selective Pruning
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Protecting the Health of Your Trees & Shrubs

We are highly dependable because this is what we really do for a living. With us, you are sure that our services are:

  • Highly experienced
  • Up-front, honest and reliable work
  • Customized to client specifications
  • Guidance throughout the process
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Now, you do not need to call anyone far away for your local gardening needs. We will definitely transform your garden to its best state. We provide appropriate restoration and proper renovation operations that will enhance the beauty of your garden. From ornamental plants to exquisite types of flowers, you have an assurance that they are well taken care of. From now one, you will no longer have a secret garden because you can now showcase them.

If you need hand at your garden, just contact us immediately at (949) 289-6029! We can guarantee a professional service from us and a full satisfaction to you.